Divorce Facts

Servings per Marriage: 50%
Divorces Per:% Value
1st Marriages41%
2nd Marriages60%
3rd Marriages73%

Divorces with Children50%
Years before remarrying3
Divorces per minute4
Divorces per week46,523

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Why ExExpense?

The most important asset in any marriage is the children. In any post divorce setting the utmost importance is to make sure the children are properly cared for. This includes that the expenses of the children are managed and any sharing obligations of the parties are honored and any reimbursements are made on a timely basis.

An unforeseen aftermath of divorces is the tedious record keeping and paper intensive process of keeping of shared expenses, submitting for reimbursement and collecting the amounts due. A staggeringly high number of divorced couples are not current on these expense. ExExpense was created to simplify the process of tracking the expense to make it easier to see the amounts owed between the parties to allow them to move on to more important things in their life.

The mission of ExExpense was simple...simplify the shared finances of divided households and reduce conflict and debate after separation.