The ExExpense Professional Partner Program

We value what you bring to your clients everyday. ExExpense can help you continue to bring the best in class solutions to your clients to help them when they need you most. Some professionals can earn monthly recurring revenue based on the programs that best fit yours and your clients' needs.

Good Referral
You can be confident to refer ExExpense to your clients as a trusted source for managing the often challenging finances between divorcing couples during and after the divorce. Using ExExpense will make your job easier so you can focus on the bigger picture and not spend unbillable hours sorting through financial entanglements. Get listed on ExExpenses' Partner Finder as well.

Simple Referral
Where each new ExExpense customer you refer is coded to you (or anyone else at your firm) and earns commission* for the usage for the life of the client. Get listed on ExExpenses' Partner Finder as well.

Professional Portal
Professional companies with higher volumes of clients can get their own branded portal and ExExpense is the engine behind the scenes with a much higher commission rate*. Take advantage of ExExpense's technology platform and be up and running in a few days and be listed on ExExpenses' Partner Finder as well.

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*Only for those entities where there is no fiduciary conflict of interest