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Why are Remedies missing from most Marital Separation Agreements? 
25-Aug-22: David Kolakowski
Financial Management, Marital Separation Agreements, Child Support, Contracts
Commonly, agreements spell out the duties of both parties and the consequences for either party to fail to perform the duties under the contract. But in MSA’s often there is no consequence to the failure of one of the parties to perform the specified duties, other than to hire an attorney and go back to court.  Read More...
5 Ways to Better Manage Your Finances After a Divorce 
27-Sep-21: David Kolakowski
Financial Management
We all agree that understanding your finances is a very important aspect of any relationship and if you break it down to its simplest essence (albeit cold), marriage is a legally binding, financial contract. While marriages typically start in a church, they invariably end in a courtroom. And resolving that contract at the end of a marriage is a often a difficult process, especially when one or both side realize that the lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage is no longer possible. When the same pool of money that paid for one household, now has to support two households, things have to change.  Read More...