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The most important asset in any marriage is the children. In any post divorce setting the utmost importance is to make sure the children are properly cared for. This includes that the expenses of the children are managed and any sharing obligations of the parties are honored and any reimbursements are made on a timely basis.

An unforeseen aftermath of divorces is the tedious record keeping: paper intensive processes of keeping of shared expenses, submitting for reimbursement and collecting the amounts due. A staggeringly high number of divorced couples are not current on these expense. ExExpense was created to simplify the process of tracking the expense to make it easier to see the amounts owed between the parties to allow them to move on to more important things in their life.

The mission of ExExpense was simple...simplify the shared finances of divided households and reduce conflict and debate after separation.


David Kolakowski, CPA

Founder, President/CEO

David Kolakowski is the Founder and CEO of Kolaco, Inc. and the inventor of ExExpense. Kolaco was founded in 1999 and has developed creative, award winning applications for the past 20 years. Over the years, David has led development teams and projects for large multi-billion companies spanning eight different countries, analyzing needs and business challenges and architecting solutions that have significant business value.

ExExpense is a recent brainchild from David, stemming from his personal experience and challenges associated with managing the shared expenses associated with children after a divorce. ExExpense was built with the same big business methodology, security and thoroughness as the applications built for our larger clients. ExExpense was built in the U.S.A. and is maintained and operated in New Jersey, U.S.A.

David’s other award winning products include an ecommerce on line store application and a meeting minutes and action item and tracking system. Both of these products were unique in their field and were recognized nationally with awards.

David started his career as a CPA at Deloitte & Touche, providing him with a focus and foundation grounded in financial and internal controls and workflow. This business acumen was further extended as an Assistant Vice President at a large insurance company, where he spent his 6 years improving the operations of the company and traveling the country training users on these improvements.