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Blogs / Articles: Co-Parenting

Child Support, Co-Parenting, Communication, CoParenting, Custody, Nesting, Parenting
Co-parenting after a divorce involves numerous responsibilities, one of the most significant being the management and sharing of expenses related to the children. Handling these costs effectively is crucial for maintaining a harmonious co-parenting relationship. Instead of settling each transaction individually, using a system like ExExpense to periodically settle amounts owed between parties can offer numerous advantages, particularly in minimizing communication and efficiently managing offsetting transactions and deductibles. Read More...
Child Support, Children, Communication, Custody, Nesting, Parenting, CoParenting, Co-Parenting
Divorce is a challenging process, not only for the couple but also for their children. Effective co-parenting can significantly ease the transition for children and promote their emotional well-being. Here are several strategies to help divorced parents co-parent successfully. Read More...