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Going through divorce process when there are children involved adds another level of complexity. Without children involved the divorce process is really just an administrative distribution of assets and liabilities, and sometimes continued spousal support, otherwise known as alimony. However, adding children into the mix changes everything.  Read More...
Respect, Communication, Relationships, Interrupt, Listen, Audience
Do you find yourself frustrated or angry after a confrontation with an important person in your life? Do you feel like you got no respect in your discussion. Did you disrespect the other party in your exchange? Don’t you wish that every little difference didn’t turn into something monumental that resulted in both parties retreating to neutral corners?  This is easy, if you want it.  The challenge is your perspective.  There is an old saying “You can either be right or you can be married.” This applies to business and personal relationships. If your goal is to be right rather than get to an amenable solution, you won’t be successful.   Read More...